Collection: Abstract Photography by Bommarito Art

Abstract photography can instantly make a space feel more sophisticated, elegant, and serene. If you’re looking for abstract photography prints in the San Diego area, we highly recommend Bommarito Art, who sell breathtakingly beautiful San Diego posters and wall art prints in La Jolla.

Abstract Photography FAQs

What Is Abstract Photography?

Abstract fine art photography is a unique style that focuses on subjects that are open to visual interpretation. Upon first glance at an abstract photography print, you may not be able to tell what the subject of the photo is — but you’re immediately struck by its distinct beauty.

While other styles of photography have more straightforward subjects, such as animals, mountains, cityscapes, or individual people, abstract photography takes a less concrete approach. The abstract photographer seeks to find beauty that would otherwise go unseen by the naked eye and present it from a unique perspective.

What are the main aspects of abstract photography?

The main aspects of abstract photography are form, color, and texture. As opposed to realistic photography, which aims to portray a subject in true-to-life fashion, abstract photos capture beauty by synthesizing color, form, and texture in unique ways. The subject of an abstract photo may not be immediately discernible for this reason. However, it’s clear at first glance that a well-taken abstract photograph is a thing of beauty.

What Is Realistic vs. Abstract Photography?

Realistic photography focuses on a subject and portrays that subject in a way that is both true-to-life and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, abstract photography does not portray a recognizable subject in many cases. The eye can discern the inherent beauty of these photographs based on the harmony of color, form, and texture, but an abstract photo is inherently ambiguous.

What size prints are available for purchase?

If you’re looking for abstract photography prints, you can find everything you need at La Jolla art dealer Bommarito Art. There, you can find prints in rectangular, square, panoramic, and super pano formats, including 16x24, 8x32, 24x96, and many more.

Are abstract photography prints worth purchasing?

Many art collectors and enthusiasts seek out abstract photography prints for their unique beauty and striking imagery. These prints are for you if you want your decor to have an air of sophistication and modernity. In addition, it’s easy to find abstract photography prints that fit into your specific style of home decor and preferred color palette, making this style of art incredibly versatile and compatible with a variety of decorative tastes.