Collection: Wave Photography by Bommarito Art

Wave photography can make a beautiful and tasteful addition to any space. Bommarito Art prints showcase some of the best waves in California with impressive artistry. If you’re a fan of ocean waves photography, these San Diego posters and wall art prints featuring gorgeous waves are for you.

Wave Photography FAQs

What Is Wave Photography?

Wave photography showcases ocean waves as they reach their most photogenic peaks and troughs. 

Waves are notoriously difficult to photograph, and it can take years of practice and experience to get the perfect shot. However, the results of that hard work are definitely worth the effort. Wave photographs evoke a sense of calm, awe, and wonder and instill a deeper appreciation for the beauty of nature.

How Are Waves Photographed?

Waves are typically photographed from a distance using specific lenses. These lenses are designed to capture objects in motion with maximum precision and detail. 

Experienced photographers usually photograph waves using autofocus, a feature that allows a camera to track a certain subject as it moves. In addition, a wide aperture is often used when photographing waves, meaning that more light reaches the camera’s sensor, reducing the depth of field in the frame.

What Camera Is Used for Wave Photographs?

There are several cameras that are typically used for photographing waves, including:

  • Canon EOS Series Cameras
  • Nikon D Series Cameras
  • Sony Alpha Series Cameras

The most recent cameras in these lines are our top recommendations if you are considering wave photography. However, if you’re just starting out and aren’t sure if you want to commit to the hobby, a used model from a few years back can work perfectly fine as a starter camera.

What Camera Lens Is Used for Wave Photographs?

Waves are typically photographed using a 50mm prime lens. “Prime” in this case refers to the fixed nature of the lens; it doesn’t have the capability to zoom in or out. In addition, some photographers primarily use a fisheye lens when taking photos of waves.

What Size Prints Are Available for Purchase?

Wave prints are available in a variety of sizes and formats ranging from small to large.

Are Photography Prints of Waves Worth Purchasing?

Photography prints of waves can make any space feel calming and add an organic element to your decor. For these reasons, we encourage anyone who loves nature and being near the ocean to decorate with photography prints of waves.