Collection: San Diego Fine Art Photography Collections by Bommarito Art

La Jolla is proud to offer the exquisite collection of fine art photography via the 2022 La Jolla Art and Wine festival winners, Bommarito Art. The Bommarito brothers, Daniel and Jeff, have spent their lives chasing and capturing single fleeting moments that can now be brought into your home or office.

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Enjoy the Bommarito Art photography collection, featuring pieces of La Jolla, California. Images of La Jolla, California include images of landscape and beaches.

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Wave art photography via the Bommarito art collection

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Abstract Photography via the Bommarito art collection.

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Enjoy the Bommarito Art photography collection, featuring pieces of San Diego, California. Images of San Diego, California include photos of landscape and beaches.

Fine Art Photography FAQs

What is meant by fine art photography?

Fine art photography is a method of taking photos that uses photography as an art medium. This means that the photographer behind your favorite fine art photography prints is approaching each photo as a canvas and using the medium to uniquely create art.

What are the elements of fine art photography?

The key elements of fine art photography are:

  • Fueled by the passion to create rather than a commercial or professional pursuit: Fine art photography is created for the sake of art and art alone. 
  • Uses the unique tools afforded by the medium to create something unique: A fine art photographer’s metaphorical bag of brushes includes tools like different cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. The tools used in the creation of fine art photography also include camera parameters like focus and shutter speed.
  • Can include multiple types of photos: Fine art photography is a broad term that can include abstract art, portraits, landscapes, and more.

What is the difference between fine art photography and commercial photography?

Fine art photography differs from commercial photography in one specific way: fine art photography is created to be art rather than a commodity.

Are fine art prints worth it?

If you see fine art photography prints for sale, we highly recommend purchasing one. This style of art is strikingly beautiful in ways that are difficult to express with words — you have to experience it for yourself.

What size prints are available for purchase?

San Diego posters and wall art prints in the fine art photography style are available for purchase in a variety of sizes ranging from smaller 11x17 prints to much larger 24x96 prints. In addition, fine art photography is also available in several formats, including canvas and framed posters.